Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baikunth Nath Shukla

                                    Baikunth Nath Shukla   
Born -May 15, 1907
 at Jalalpur (West). Distt. Vaishali (Bihar)  Hanged in Gaya Jail(Bihar) on May 14, 1934.

Father: Sh. Shri Ram Shukla
Wife: Smt. Radhika Devi.

A revolutionary of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. He was nephew of Sh. Joginder Shukla, incharge of Revolutionary Party of Bihar. He and his comrade Chanderma Singh killed Phonindra Nath Gosh, main approver of Lahore Conspiracy Case (Bhagat Singh & others). Both were arrested. Chanderma Singh was sentenced to life imprisonment in Motihari case and Baikunth kissed the gallows.
He wrote to his wife Radhika . "She should not cry. I am sacrificing my life at the altar of country's freedom”.

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  1. This physical beauty We are endowed with Is subject to decay It's ephemeral splendour Is very soon to fade away. But the thing to always accompany That's our spiritual beauty. Baikunth shukla sacrificed his life kissing gallows to remove impurities of evil minded people.