Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chander Shekhar Azad

                                   Chander Shekhar Aazad  
Born on July23, 1906 at Bhavra Distl. Jhabua (M.P).
Martyrdom  in Police encounter at Allahabad (U.P.) on February27, 1931.
Father : Sh. Sita Ram Tiwari
Mother : Smt. Jagrani Dcvi
Participated in non-cooperation movement, Took part in Kakori Mail Dacoity and absconded. His per words : " Gladly shall we brave the enemy bullets, have been Aazad and shall ever be so. "
Reorganized revolutionary party and played a leading role despite his limited education. Was elected Commander-in-Chief of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army on September 9, 1928. Hard of determination but sensitive soul who seldom allowed his comrades to be in the forefront in actions. He fulfilled pledge never to fall in police hands, while alive by laying down his life in police encounter at Alfred Park (Now Aazad Park), Allahabad (U.P).

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  1. The day he died he went to Nehru's office to talk about Bhagat Singh's Hanging n to put pressure on Nehru to use his political power to get Bhagat Singh out of jail, they confronted n Nehru told him to get out as Nehru did not want at all Bhagat Singh to b released out of jail cuz this way he would have got all the credit for independence which Mr Nehru and Gandhi never wanted. When he got out of Nehru's office, while being in alfred park (no1 knew where Chandra shekhar azad was EXCEPT JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU) SOMEONE CALLED COPS N TOLD THEM AZAD IS IN ALFRED PARK N HE GOT MARTYRED. Now we can easily think who called cops n got Azad martyred