Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jatinder Nath Das

                                       Jatinder Nath Das   
Born on October 27, 1904 at 30, Dohar Road, Calcutta.
Died on September 13, 1929,at Borstal Jail, Lahore.
Father : Sh. Bankim Bihari Das..................... Mother : Smt. Suhasini Devi
Was sentenced twice in non-cooperation movement. Arrested and interned in kakori Rail Dacoity case. Reached Agra in February 1929 for training revolutionaries of H.S.R.A. in bomb manufacture on the request of Bhagat Singh. Revolutionaries under trial started Fast-unto-death on 14 June 1929 and he joined them in hunger strike on July 13, 1929 and suffered martyrdom after 63 days on September 13, 1929. Viceroy sent a report to Home Secretary London that five lac people gathered at Calcutta during Jatin's funeral ceremony.

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