Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kranti Kumar

                                           Kranti Kumar   
Born in the year 1916,at Satghara Dislt. Montogomery( Now In Pak.)
Father : Pandit Hardyal
Mother : Smt. Dhan Devi
An active member of Naujwan Bharat Sabha. Played a leading role on the defense of Bhagat Singh and his comrades in trial case. Member of Naujawan Bharat Sabha's executive committee. Was elected General Secretary of Naujawan Bharat Sabha.


  1. This post is for Mr. Sita Ram Bansal, I am Sumit Kranti Kumar (Grand Son of Shaheed Kranti Kumar)
    I oblige you to create this page, I want to share some more confidential details about my Grand Fa, I tried to reach you but couldn't, pls contact me at

  2. its me Noor from Satghara Dislt. Montogomery Pakistan where shaheed kranti kumar born. me so much interested to know more than about kranti kumar... me write a book on the local area satghara ... please help me in this regard ...

    1. Very interesting.Do you have any any information about his family. Shaheed Kranti Kumar( Kranti Kumar was the name given by Shaheed Azaam Bhagat Singh, his real name was Hansraj and parents were Pandit Hardyal & Smt. Dhan Devi.