Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shiv Verma

                                             Shiv Verma   
Born in January 1904, Born at Hardoi (U.P.),                          Died on January 10, 1997
Participated in non-cooperation movement in 1921. Came in contact with Chandra Shekhar Azaad in 1925, member of Central Committee of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association and organizer of H.S.R.A. of Uttar pardesh. Arrested at Saharanpur Bomb Factory on May 13, 1929 along with Dr. Gaya Prasad and Jaidev Kapoor. Sentenced to life imprisonment in Lahore Conspiracy Case and remained in Cellular Jail Andemans. Released on February 21, 1946 and joined Communist party. Edited 'Naya Savera', naya Path and 'Lok Lehar. Wrote many books on socialism. His Hindi book 'Sansmritiyan (reminisces of revolutionary martyrs) has published in Punjabi under the title 'Shaheedan De Aang Sang'.

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